Friday, 9 April 2010

Frankie Boyle...

If you're here in Britain or if you know your comedians, you know Frankie Boyle isn't a nice guy. At least, he's not nice when he's on stage.

If you don't know who Frankie Boyle is, he's a nasty, sarcastic and insulting Scottish comedian who makes jokes that are supposed to offend people. And yeah, he's pretty fucking funny.

A woman has recently criticised him for making jokes about people with down's syndrome. She heard these jokes while sitting in the front row of his show. The front row. Of his show. That kind of means that they know who he is, right? Hell, this woman and her husband even said that they knew he has a "dry, cutting sense of humour." But then she goes on to say that she had know idea that he made jokes about disabled people. Really? As a fan of Boyle I can tell you that he will make a joke about anything. If you haven't heard him make fun of something, chances are it's just that he doesn't think it's funny.

But this woman has a daughter with down's syndrome and I can understand why she's upset. But maybe she shouldn't have gone to see the show.

But I admit, I cringe a little when people make jokes about comic book geeks, the English and so on but this idea is to not let it get to you. I know, it's not the same, but if you know you're going to be offended, you shouldn't blame the offender when you buy front row seats!

In my opinion, comedians should be allowed to make all of the jokes they want. That's what they're there for and that's why we put up with them. They remind us how human we are! If you ban one type of joke because it offends one type of person, you might as well ban them all. I want all fat jokes banned. I want all ugly jokes banned. I want all old people and young people and celebrity and hair jokes banned! You just can't do that. Dammit, do we really want a generation of comedians who can only do knock knock jokes?!?

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