Sunday, 11 April 2010

The Weekly Reread!

Night Mary

Night Mary is about a teenage girl working with her father in a dream analysis centre. It's Mary's job to enter the dreams of patients to help them solve their problems.

Everything is turned upside down when one patient commits murder, leading to other patients committing murder. This coincides with the arrival of a strange figure in the dreams that seems to be focusing on Mary.

Night Mary was an enjoyable short story written by Rick Remender and Kieron Dwyer. It was only a short story (5 issues) but it's best in the graphic novel format.

As a graphic novel, it can be read in one sitting but Remender makes that sitting feel so much linger. In a good way, obviously. Remender manages to pace the story in a way that makes you think you're reading a full novel or even watching a film.

The art is also pretty amazing. The contrast of colours is something to take notice of. Whenever the main character is in a dream, the colours are often bright but any other time the colours are bleak with a lot of greys and shading. Dammit, I want a sequel!

If you don't own this book, go out and get it.

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