Saturday, 5 June 2010

The Losers

The Losers was good. I'll just get that out of the way for now. But it was good for one reason and one reason only; it didn't pretend to be anything special.

The film was really just the A team and I did spend most of the film waiting for Zoe Saldana to say "I pity the fool!" But it wasn't so much a bad thing that she didn't say that. After all, she was rather attractive and saying things like that would make me picture her with a Mohawk which would be a little bit weird... yet interesting.

But the plot wasn't the most important bit of this film so it's odd that I, a plot favouring man, enjoyed such a simple film. But the soundtrack worked with the action scenes which seems to be a rare thing in modern action films. I have to admit,I've had enough of classical music during explosions. After so much of it it now sounds to me like several dogs farting, causing said explosions. It's just pure annoying.

So it was fun to see an action scene with "Don't stop Believing" being played over it. also, I can't believe that they managed to make "Black Betty" not cheesy when it was played during the first fifteen minutes of the film. But then again, maybe that's because most of the film was pure cheese.

Another thing I liked was the dialogue. the characters interacted with each other pretty well, even if those interactions were pissy arguments most of the time.

And now the bad points.

While the characters were fun and fairly well acted, some of the characters just seemed like extras. For example, most of the time I forgot that Óscar Jaenada was even in the film and I couldn't help but shout "who the fuck is he?" Every time he appeared on screen. This is actually quite a let down since some plot points relied on the audiences opinions of a character to succeed.

But I did mention I don't give a fuck about the plot in this movie.

Over all the movie was fun if a little bit short, considering the amount of characters in the movie. But it didn't make me want to go out and buy the comic book so I guess it was a bit of a failure in that respect.

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