Friday, 17 December 2010


I hate Facebook but I'm addicted to it. I know many people say that the worse part is when people you don't like add you as a friend, or the stupid "farmville" or "Mafia" updates from people you don't like who have added you recently. While I do hate these things, one of the worst aspects of Facebook is the chat bar.

Now, I like talking to people I like. Even if I only like two people but I hate it when somebody notices you're online and that dreaded box comes up with "elo" shortly followed by "how are you?"

And then you're stuck, aren't you? You HAVE to reply. Even I know that. You can't just ignore them because they keep trying and then they see you some other time and they just have to bring it up. But you still think about ignoring them. Logging off, maybe. But you have to reply.

But, thank goodness, Facebook is playing up for me right now so the conversation has been cut short.

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