Friday, 17 December 2010

The Holidays...

It's the time for joy, for being with faimly... for giving!

A time for giving? Wel,, give me some fucking room.

Shopping centres are horrible places at the best of times. There are too many people, slowing down in the middle of the place. There are clothes shops littered everywhere and you have to go out of your way to find a game shop or a book shop. But this time of year, it's worse... A lot worse.

I decided to heck out the mentioned book shops and games shops at my local shopping centre but I somehow forgot that everybody leaves their shopping until the last two week before christmas. I had half an hour before my bus arrived and it takes about that long to have a very thorough look around. But I only managed to get to one book shop, near the entrance. It being a very expensive book shop made me decide to brave the crowd and head towards the next one, on the other side of the centre.

Cue the brave, rchestral rock music! Cue the shouts against the loud crashng of waves and screams! "come on, men! We''l make it yet!"

Yeah, it's pretty obvious by now that I did not get to that book shop. I would have made it easily with a good ten minutes to look around in November but now it's like a bloody Romero movie. Slow old people everywhere I look! People with screaming meat bags in pushchairs!

On my Xmas list now is a rocket launcher and some salt for the survivors.

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